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2024 TNR Fuels A-Main Challenge Podiums

2024 TNR Fuels A-Main Challenge Podiums


Press Launch From TNR Fuels:

Try all of the podiums from the 2024 TNR Fuels A-Fundamental Problem from this previous weekend at The Grime in Perris, California.

Professional Buggy: 1st Spencer Rivkin, 2nd Ryan Maifield, third Ryan Lutz
Professional Truggy: 1st Ryan Maifield, 2nd Spencer Heckert, third Spencer Rivkin
Professional Ebuggy: 1st Ryan Maifield, 2nd Cole Ogden, third Frankie Contreras Jr.
Skilled Invite: 1st Caetano McNeill, 2nd Jimmy Fishback, third Jared Cozzocrea
Skilled Buggy: 1st Travis Eiter, 2nd Travis Horn, third Don Vinkemulder
Skilled Truggy: 1st Caetano McNeill, 2nd Dylan Peterson, third Reggie Tongue
Skilled Ebuggy: 1st Travis Horn, 2nd Jared Cozzocrea, third Shavel Scales
Open Etruggy: 1st Ivan Moreno Jr., 2nd Daniel Lewis, third Mike Graves
40+ Invite: 1st Philip Atondo, 2nd Greg Degani, third Ronda Drake
40+ Buggy: 1st Jeff Gee, 2nd Lance Hubbard, third Shane Simmons
40+ Truggy: 1st Philip Atondo, 2nd Ronda Drake, third Reggie Tongue
40+ Ebuggy: 1st Paul Ciccarello, 2nd Richard Saxton, third Adam Curry
Sportsman Buggy: 1st Oskar Painter, 2nd Noah DeLong, third Dean Wheeler Jr.
Sportsman Ebuggy: 1st Oskar Painter, 2nd P Nasty, third Ezra Atondo
Sportsman Etruggy: 1st Oskar Painter, 2nd Malcolm Townsend, third Louis Zavas
Sportsman Truggy: 1st Ezra Atondo, 2nd Dean Wheeler Jr., third Austin Zaugg
52+ Buggy: 1st Barry Baker, 2nd Jimmy Wright, third Massive Shawn
52+ Truggy: 1st J Smoker, 2nd Lee Common, third John Kallies
Rookie: 1st Walter Avolevan, 2nd Colton Brown, third Emir Cercas Jr.



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