2024 Lib Tech Snowboards Overview

2024 Lib Tech Snowboards Overview


New 2024 Lib Tech Snowboards

The brand new boards for 2023-24 are: 

+ Off Ramp – New all-mountain freestyle, C3, mid flex board. Replaces the outgoing Field Knife in a variety of methods. Similar sizings besides that it does not get the 160W or the 148 that the Field Knife had. Sidecut is subtly completely different on the 157 and 157W (8.2 vs 8.3) however sidecuts on different sizes the identical. Contact size fairly completely different (e.g. on 157 the Off ramp’s is 115cm – was 95cm on the Field Knife).

Waist and nostril/tail widths the identical on the 151 however some refined variations to widths on the 154, 157 & 157W (most pronounced on the 157W). The tip and tail form are additionally extra rounded and fewer blunted than on the Field Knife. So, the principle factor is the contact size however a few different, extra refined variations.   

+ Lib Rig – New tapered directional freeride board. Comparatively refined taper (5mm). Mid-stiff flex. , 1.5″ setback, unique energy core, C3 camber.  

+ Cygnus BM – Alternative for the outgoing Magic BM. Similar form and similar dimensions because the Magic BM. However a number of development variations. “TECHNO POP CONSTRUCTION [TP]” on the Cygnus vs “HORSEPOWER CONSTRUCTION [HP]” on the Magic. Which is core “CORE: EXTENDED 30% ASPEN / 25% PAULOWNIA / 45% (PET)RECYCLED BOTTLES” vs “CORE: 60% ASPEN / 40% PAULOWNIA”. Glassing is “UNIDIRECTIONAL CARBON / 30º CARBON MEGA X /
MAGNESIUM TECHNO FIBER BANDS” vs the “GLASS: TRI-AX / BI-AX AND BASALT ALLOY” that was on the Magic BM. And the bottom is “SINTERED KNIFE CUT” vs the “ECO SUBLIMATED” base that was on the Magic BM. The Cygnus BM additionally has “TIP/TAIL: LIGHTWEIGHT SPIN SLIM”. Due to all these development upgrades, that the Cygnus is noticeably pricier than the Magic BM was. 

+ Steely-D – All new freeride board. One dimension (167) and it is a vast board too (26.7cm waist), orginal energy development, 16mm taper, mid-stiff flex, C3, 5″ setback (so, massive setback!) – and a “lengthy floaty light entry spoon nostril” – which does look lengthy and floaty!

Exiting 2023 Lib Tech Snowboards 

The 2023 boards that are not returning with a 2024 mannequin: 

– Field Knife

– Jamie Lynn ’96

– Magic BM


All 2024 Lib Tech Snowboards by Class

Under, I’ve categorized Lib Tech’s 2023-24 lineup. That is in response to the classes right here at SnowboardingProfiles.com and never essentially the identical as how Lib Tech may label them.

In fact these are solely broad classes as each board is completely different, however this can be a tough information. 



So there you’ve gotten the 2024 Lib Tech snowboards. 

Out with the Previous and In with the New

4 boards are exiting and 4 boards coming in. 

The Off Ramp, replaces the Field Knife immediately, with a number of adjustments, however basically like-for-like. 

The Jamie Lynn ’96 exits, after only one season. The BRD can also be gone, with no actual alternative. The Lib Rig in some methods replaces it, however fairly a special board. 

The Cygnus BM is available in changing the Magic BM. Not fairly like-for-like. They’re comparable varieties of boards, however the Cygnus BM comes with a variety of development improve, and a a lot heftier price-tag. 

And at last, in comes the brand new Steely-D which is a one dimension, lengthy/vast freeride board. 

Modifications to Current Fashions

Field Scratcher: LOSES dimension 153W. In any other case the identical.

Glider: Wider than it was. Probably the most refined width change is on the 147. It is now 24.5cm on the waist (was 24.3cm on ’23 mannequin) and 28.4cm tip/tail (was 28.0cm on ’23 mannequin). The width improve on the 139 and 143 is much more pronounced. e.g. on the 139 it has a waist width of 23.8cm (vs 22.6cm on the ’23 mannequin) and 27.2cm for tip/tail width (vs 26.1cm on ’23 mannequin). All the things else seems the identical.

TRS: Small change. ’24 mannequin has “ORG THROTTLES: TRANSVERSE (TOE/HEEL) ORIENTED GRAIN MAPLE” instead of the “ORG THROTTLES: TRANSVERSE (TOE/HEEL) ORIENTED GRAIN BAMBOO” it had on the ’23 mannequin. So actually the bamboo for the maple there. All the things else seems an identical. 

Terrain Wrecker: The catalog has put a “new” label on it, however the one distinction I can see is that the tip is now extra blunt (much less rounded), than the ’23 mannequin. In any other case the whole lot else appears an identical. 

E-Jack Knife: Labelled “new” additionally. On look seems similar however does get a brand new “3-D Spoon Nostril”. All the things else seems the identical.

Dynamiss: Now 2mm wider at waist for every dimension and 4-5mm wider at tip/tail relying on dimension. In any other case seems to be the identical.

T Rice Golden Orca: Solely factor that appears completely different is glassing with the ’24 stating “GLASS: TRI-AX / BASALT ALLOY / CARBON X” vs “GLASS: TRI-AX WITH (+/-) 45º BASALT WEB / BASALT” on the ’23 mannequin.

T Rice Apex Golden Orca: A couple of adjustments right here. Slight identify change. Will get “TECHNO POP CONSTRUCTION [TP]” changing the “T.RICE APEX ORCA CONSTRUCTION” from the ’23 mannequin. Which is “CORE: EXTENDED 30% ASPEN / 25% PAULOWNIA / 45% (PET)RECYCLED BOTTLES” vs “CORE: 20% ASPEN / 30% PAULOWNIA / 40% (PET)RECYCLED BOTTLES, 10% BALSA”. Glassing is now “GLASS: UNIDIRECTIONAL CARBON / 30º CARBON MEGA X /
MAGNESIUM TECHNO FIBER BANDS” and was “GLASS: SPREAD TOE CARBON / 33º CARBON MESH / S GLASS STRIPS / TRI-AX”. Look-wise, the tail is flat throughout now, quite than being very mellowly swallow tailed. Nostril seems the identical however is now a 3-D floaty nostril. Dimensions-wise, the 156 turns into a 157 and 159 turns into a 161. 153 nonetheless similar and has similar contact size, however an extended sidecut (8m vs 7m on ’23 mannequin). Narrower tip/tail (on 153 is now 30.7/29.8 vs 31.6/30.5). Narrower waist (153 is now 26.3, was 26.7). Much less setback (is now 1″, was 2.5″). Much less taper now too – is now 9mm (was 11mm). General a bit of extra two-ender than it was beforehand.

Mayhem Quiver Killer: Slight identify change with the “mayhem” vs “misplaced” that it had on ’23 mannequin. However no precise adjustments to the board that I can see.

Mayhem Rocket: Labelled “new”. Look-wise, the tail seems the identical however the tip is extra squared/blunted vs the extra pointed tip of the ’23 mannequin. Slight identify change too however in any other case the identical. 

MC Manner Finder II: NEW SIZE (160) | others seems to be an identical.

So, they have been busy when it comes to a handful of latest boards and a number of other tweaks to returning fashions.

For all Snowboarding Profiles’ Lib Tech critiques, take a look at the hyperlink on the button under.  



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