Planning to open a meals truck with a Korean menu, however aren’t positive what to call it? “What’s in a reputation?” Quite a bit, it seems. Within the extremely aggressive meals truck trade, the title of your truck can entice clients, talk your culinary theme, and set you other than the group.

On this weblog put up, we discover 200 fascinating Korean meals truck title concepts, from intelligent and catchy, to conventional and stylish, to assist encourage your personal journey into the scrumptious world of Korean avenue meals.

You might begin a Korean themed BBQ truck.

  • Seoulful Bites
  • Okay-Taco Truck
  • Kimchi Cruiser
  • Bibim-Bowl
  • Seoul Good Eats
  • Rolling Kimbap
  • Gogi Wagon
  • Seoul Road Eats
  • Korean BBQ and Ribs
  • Bulgogi Buggy
  • Tasty Tteokbokki
  • Kimchi Karavan
  • Ribs from Korea
  • Japchae Journey
  • Bibimbap Bus
  • Dakgalbi Drift
  • Galbi Grill
  • Seoul Spicy Specials
  • Banchan Beast
  • Koreana Delicacies
  • Mandu Machine
  • Bap ‘n Banchan
  • Makgeolli Cell
  • Samgyupsal Sprinter
  • Pajeon Parade
  • Soju Station
  • Okay-Fusion Fiesta
  • Hanbok Hut
  • Seoul to Go
  • Jeon Jammer
  • Hallyu Hopper
  • Okay-Delight Drive
  • Kimchi Okay-Pop Kitchen
  • Okay-BBQ Blast
  • Seoul Savory
  • Okay-Meals Fiesta
  • Banchan Buggy
  • Samgyetang Shuttle
  • Galbi Galore
  • Bulgogi Bus
  • Tteokbokki Taxi
  • Gochujang Gourmand
  • Hanbok Hut
  • Kimbap Cruiser
  • Korean Kuisine Kart
  • BibimBus
  • Hangul Haute Delicacies
  • Guk Gang
  • Gim Gui Gourmand
  • Bulgogi Bonanza
  • Soondae Safari
  • Noodle Navigators
  • Hallyu Hut
  • Korean Kitchen Kruiser
  • Tofu Transit
  • Okay-Bap Beast
  • Gangnam Gourmand
  • Okay-BBQ Boulevard
  • BibimBites
  • Seoul Meals Fiesta
  • Rolling Ramyun
  • Soju Sprinter
  • Bulgogi Bistro Bus
  • Hanjeongsik Hauler
  • Kimchi Krawler
  • Tteok Cease
  • Hotteok Hopper
  • BapMobile
  • Samgyupsal Station
  • Okay-Noodle Nook
  • Ramyun Racer
  • Tteokbokki Transit
  • Okay-BBQ Bandwagon
  • Jjigae Journey
  • Galbi Go-Go
  • Japchae Jeep
  • Sundubu Sprinter
  • Banchan Bus
  • Bibimbap Buggy
  • Mandu Mover
  • Gochujang Grill
  • Kimchi Kick
  • Busan Bites
  • Gimbap Galore
  • Haejangguk Haul
  • Okay-BBQ Buggy
  • Okay-Snack Sprinter
  • Doenjang Drive
  • Seoul Spicy Sprinter
  • Kimchi Kiosk
  • Galmaegisal Gourmand
  • Bulgogi Beast
  • Pajeon Parade
  • Sundae Sprinter
  • Hanu Haul
  • Galbitang Gourmand
  • Gopchang Grill
  • Naengmyeon Navigator
  • Soju Soiree
  • Dakjuk Drive
  • Jjolmyeon Journey
  • Kimbap

Korean Themed Identify Concepts 

Listed below are some extra meals truck title concepts based mostly on the cities, landmarks, and meals objects that make this area so particular.

  • Seoul Sizzle
  • Busan Buns
  • Gyeongju Gimbap
  • Jeonju Japchae
  • Incheon Insam
  • Gwangju Galbi
  • Daegu Dakgangjeong
  • Suwon Sundubu
  • Daejeon Doenjang
  • Ulsan Udon
  • Kimchi Kitchen on Wheels
  • Bulgogi Bonanza
  • Samgyeopsal Station
  • Bibimbap Bus
  • Tteokbokki Takeaway
  • Japchae Junction
  • Pajeon Park
  • Hotteok Hangout
  • Sundubu Sprinter
  • Gochujang Galore
  • Gim Bap Gourmand
  • Mandu Cell
  • Naengmyeon Nook
  • Bossam Bus
  • Jjigae Joyride
  • Kimchi King
  • Galbi Grill
  • Bungeoppang Buggy
  • Tteok Triumph
  • Samgyetang Cease
  • Haejangguk Freeway
  • Hallyu Hut
  • Okay-Drama Kitchen
  • Okay-Pop Kitchen
  • Jeon Joyride
  • Soju Saloon
  • Hangul Hut
  • Mukbang Cell
  • Makgeolli Mover
  • Bingsu Buggy
  • Hanbok Hangout
  • Okay-Trend Foodie
  • Taekwondo Taco Truck
  • Gim Gui Galore
  • Gimbap Gallop
  • Jjajangmyeon Junction
  • Guk Galore
  • Namul Navigator
  • Bibimnaengmyeon Bus
  • Hotteok Hopper
  • Anju Avenue
  • Doenjang Dynasty
  • Korean Corn Canine Cruiser
  • Yeot Navigators
  • Yaksik Yacht
  • Tteokguk Traveler
  • Yakgwa Yacht
  • Chueotang Charger
  • Dolsot Drive
  • Haemul Pajeon Hut
  • Banchan Bus
  • Yukhoe Yacht
  • Bibim Buggy
  • Hanjeongsik Hauler
  • Bindaetteok Boulevard
  • Sannakji Safari
  • Banchan Bonanza
  • Sigeumchi Namul Shuttle
  • Gamja Jeon Galore
  • Kkakdugi Cruiser
  • Ssamjang Station
  • Chimaek Charger
  • Bulgogi Burger Bus
  • Hoeddeok Hangout
  • Makguksu Mover
  • Saeutwigim Sprinter
  • Soondae Safari
  • Seolleongtang Shuttle
  • Galbitang Galore
  • Hwe Hauler
  • Chapssal Donuts Charger
  • Nurungji Navigator
  • Japchae Jeep
  • Gyeranjjim Galore
  • Kongnamul Guk King
  • Kongguksu Cruiser
  • Jjolmyeon Journey
  • Eomuk Explorer
  • Sundae Sprinter
  • Baechu Kimchi Kitchen
  • Miyeok Guk Cell
  • Kimchi Fried Rice Racer
  • Buchimgae Boulevard
  • Japchae Joyride
  • Chimaek Charger
  • Soondubu Jjigae Shuttle
  • Bulgogi Bun Buggy
  • Kongbiji Jjigae King
  • Korean BBQ Kruiser

Korean Meals Truck Menu Concepts 

Undecided what to serve in your meals truck? Listed below are some pattern menu concepts for a Korean meals truck.

Appetizer Menu Concepts:

  1. Korean Fried Hen Wings: Evenly battered, fried to perfection and coated in a candy and spicy gochujang sauce.
  2. Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon): Savory pancakes made with fermented kimchi.
  3. Korean Road Toast (Gilgeori-toast): A preferred avenue meals that includes greens and egg sandwiched between buttery toasted bread.
  4. Tteokbokki: Spicy and chewy rice desserts in a candy pink chili sauce.
  5. Mandu (Korean Dumplings): Pan-fried or steamed dumplings crammed with pork, tofu, kimchi, or greens.

Important Course Concepts:

  1. Bulgogi Tacos: Marinated and grilled beef served on mushy tortillas, a fusion of Korean and Mexican delicacies.
  2. Bibimbap Bowl: Rice served with sautéed greens, gochujang (chili pepper paste), soy sauce, and a fried egg on prime.
  3. Kimchi Fried Rice: Spicy fried rice made with kimchi, greens, and topped with a fried egg.
  4. Japchae Noodles: Candy and savory glass noodles stir-fried with greens and typically meat.
  5. Galbi (Korean BBQ Ribs): Grilled quick ribs marinated in a candy soy sauce.
  6. Spicy Pork Bulgogi: Skinny slices of pork marinated in a spicy gochujang-based sauce and grilled.

Dessert Menu Concepts:

  1. Hotteok: Candy Korean pancakes crammed with brown sugar, honey, and chopped peanuts.
  2. Bungeoppang (Fish-shaped pastry): A fish-shaped pastry crammed with sweetened pink bean paste.
  3. Patbingsu: Shaved ice dessert with candy toppings reminiscent of chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and pink beans.
  4. Yakgwa: Deep-fried cookies manufactured from wheat flour, honey, and sesame oil.

Keep in mind, the great thing about a meals truck is in its restricted, however fastidiously curated menu. So, it’s a good suggestion to decide on dishes that signify a mixture of Korean flavors which might be sensible to arrange and might be cooked shortly to maintain the road transferring. In most eventualities, selecting 3 – 5 menu objects which you can refine and excellent on a meals trailer is in regards to the best quantity.