Two American Legends Go Head-To-Head In A Drag Race

Two American Legends Go Head-To-Head In A Drag Race


In a current video shared by carwow on YouTube, two iconic American sports activities automobiles, the Ford GT and the unique first-generation Dodge Viper from 1992, go head-to-head on a drag strip. The Ford GT, a successor to the legendary GT40, is pitted towards the Viper, that includes a basic V8 engine and a V10 with an 8.0-liter beast underneath the hood. The query on everybody’s thoughts is, which one will show to be the quickest in a straight-line race?

Beginning with the Viper, it boasts a large 8-liter V10 engine with a factory-rated most energy of 406 HP and a most torque of 630 Nm. Weighing in at 1490 kg, this muscle automobile achieves a balanced mixture of energy and mass.

On the opposite aspect, the Ford GT, a gem from the American producer, comes outfitted with a supercharged 5.4L V8 engine producing 560 horsepower. Regardless of having a smaller engine than the Viper, the GT has a weight drawback, being 90 kg heavier. Nevertheless, it advantages from a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive structure, offering benefits by way of traction and weight distribution.

The burning query stays: Who will emerge victorious on this all-American duel? Will the Ford GT’s horsepower triumph, or will the Viper’s weight benefit safe a win? Whatever the final result, one factor is definite – each automobiles are undeniably spectacular, making this showdown an exhilarating spectacle for automotive lovers!



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