Home Automobile Teardown shows why GM’s legendary 3.8L V6 is extremely hard to kill

Teardown shows why GM’s legendary 3.8L V6 is extremely hard to kill

Teardown shows why GM’s legendary 3.8L V6 is extremely hard to kill


On the subject of GM‘s legendary 3800 V6, not even a gooey, lethal cocktail of oil and coolant can kill it, however it may well actually make a multitude of issues.

The orange juice-like combination you see right here is the results of mixing orange-coloured engine coolant with oil to create a sickly sludge that often spells doom for inside combustion parts. A latest engine teardown video from I Do Automobiles on YouTube examines the consequences on a Collection III 3800, the final word evolution of GM’s enduring 3.8-litre six-pot that had its origins within the Sixties. This explicit mill got here from a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with 126,000 miles on the clock, and it is actually seen higher days.

That a lot is definite from the start, when orange coolant pours from the engine drain plug as an alternative of oil. With out correct lubrication, it does not take lengthy for an engine to grab up from warmth. However this mill nonetheless turns over by hand with out concern, exhibiting some sturdy compression within the course of. The teardown does not reveal a lot in the way in which of issues till the decrease consumption comes off, at which level we’re greeted with all the issues.

The decrease consumption manifold gaskets failed sooner or later, which triggered the coolant to leak into the oil. Parts of the gaskets are straight-up gone, however a deeper investigation reveals this engine was used lengthy after the gaskets failed. That led to goop increase in oil and coolant passages, getting issues scorching sufficient to soften parts of the gaskets into the heads. Blimey.

3800 Engine Wear
3800 Engine Wear
3800 Engine Wear

With such a multitude, we would certainly anticipate injury to the cylinders and backside finish. Alas, there’s none. The lifters are coated in goop and the oil pan appears like a disgusting milkshake, however the cylinder partitions, pistons, and crankshaft aren’t too unhealthy. Sure, there is a bit of wear and tear in spots, however contemplating the final lack of lubrication inside this engine, the previous 3800 lives as much as its legendary standing. Even the rod bearings look adequate to reuse.

The video concludes that the engine may seemingly be rebuilt with lots of its unique parts regardless of all of the orange juice within the oil. We knew the previous 3800 had a fame for being indestructible. Because of this video, we’ve got a greater look into simply how strong this engine actually is.



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