Stop Using Bleach To Sanitize Your RV Fresh Water Tank

Stop Using Bleach To Sanitize Your RV Fresh Water Tank


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Clear2O’s TankFRESH Is A Secure & Efficient Various To Bleach

As RVers, we’ve all gone down the trail of utilizing bleach to sanitize our RV contemporary water tank. Bleach is affordable, available, and identified to kill germs. Bleach, nevertheless, has a number of different issues as outlined under.

From a sensible standpoint…utilizing bleach appears straightforward, in that you simply run every faucet after treating the water till a bleach odor comes out, let all of it sit for some time, empty and refill the tank with contemporary water, and rinse all of it out once more. Granted, that’s an abbreviated model, however you get the concept.

My downside with utilizing bleach, assuming I’ve managed to bump into the right ratio of water to bleach, is that each one the plumbing smells like bleach for a very long time afterwards. I discover myself filling, emptying, and rinsing my RV contemporary water tank greater than obligatory as a result of I’m afraid we would ingest even a small quantity of bleach. When your RV holds 90 gallons of water…that’s loads of extra expense. I additionally need to hope I don’t splash any of it on my garments or sneakers. All of it simply feels flawed.

TankFRESH by Clear2O has an answer

Properly-known water filtration consultants, Clear2O®, have provide you with an awesome answer known as TankFRESH. TankFRESH consists of three merchandise, however for our functions right here, we’ll be speaking extra in regards to the Clear2O® TankFRESH Water Tank & System Flush. Although it prices fairly a bit greater than a gallon of bleach, hear me out. I believe you’ll discover the method and the peace of thoughts to be effectively price it.

The right way to use TankFRESH Water Tank & System Flush

Utilizing TankFRESH System Flush may be very straightforward. One gallon will deal with 100 gallons of water. My RV contemporary water tank holds 90 gallons of water, however will truly take 95 gallons earlier than it begins to return out of the overflow, so I used a full gallon jug of TankFRESH.

Begin by filling your tank midway with contemporary water. For me, that was 45 gallons or so. I used one in all these water flow measuring gadgets from Amazon to make it quite simple. As soon as I had the tank half full, I poured in all the gallon of TankFRESH and stuffed the RV contemporary water tank the remainder of the best way. As quickly because the overflow began dribbling, I shut off the water.

Clear2O® recommends transferring your RV backwards and forwards a number of occasions to slosh the combination round a bit in your water tank. Subsequent, you’ll need to activate the water pump and run each faucet and showerhead for about three minutes to make sure that the sanitizing combination has permeated all through. I even ran some by the bathrooms… however that’s simply me. Let that sit about half-hour, then do it yet one more time.

Afterwards, drain the remaining contemporary water out of your water tank and fill it with contemporary water when you find yourself prepared. It’s best to run every faucet for a minute or two with the contemporary water you’ve got simply added.

My observations

Clearly, the very first thing you’ll discover throughout this course of is the dearth of bleach odor. In actual fact, TankFRESH has nearly no discernible odor in any respect, although often you catch a slight whiff of one thing nice you may’t actually pin down. As dangerous because the bleach odor might be, it does provide you with a transparent indication that you’re working the sanitizing combination by your strains.

Thankfully, with TankFRESH, I noticed a change within the water move that supplied the identical consolation with out the bleach. As soon as the TankFRESH/water combination started to move into every sink or bathe, I observed a slight effervescent. Not like cleaning soap bubbles, extra like in case you had swapped out the inventory faucet aerator for a super-fine aerator, creating these tiny, momentary air bubbles. That’s when that slight, there-but-not-really-there, nice perfume got here by, nearly like glass cleaner. Likewise, when working the contemporary water by through the remaining step, seeing these air bubbles go away ensured I had run the sanitized water all through and was now getting the contemporary water from my tank.

The web result’s that I had all the confidence of correct sanitization, however not one of the bleach problem, odor, or fear. Clear2O® does suggest eradicating your water filters for this course of. This can be a nice time to examine and probably substitute them with new ones. Clear2O® has a 2-in-1 dual filtration water filter that mixes each a pre-filter stage and a stable carbon stage, multi function filter.

General, it was a really satisfying expertise and effectively definitely worth the comfort and peace of thoughts. Although I’ve used the TankFRESH identify right here loosely, talking principally in regards to the Water Tank & System Flush, the TankFRESH line truly consists of their Water Treatment product and their Shock Treatment.

3 TankFRESH products from Clear2O lined up on white background all designed for RV Fresh Water Tanks

Water remedy on your RV contemporary water tank

TankFRESH Water Treatment is right for treating your contemporary water tank after you’ve got stuffed it with water from a campground or water supply that you simply aren’t fairly as snug with, and simply need that little further measure of security. I may also use it if I’ve stuffed my water tank in preparation for a visit, however don’t go away for a number of days. The TankFRESH Water Therapy will preserve your water contemporary for as much as 90 days.

TankFRESH Shock Therapy

The TankFRESH Shock Treatment is just like their customary TankFRESH Water Therapy, in that it’s designed for use when your RV contemporary water tank nonetheless tastes “off”, even after sanitization. It’s additionally nice for freshening up the tank when bringing an RV out of winter storage when it has been sitting for a very long time.

Why bleach is dangerous for sanitizing your RV contemporary water tank

Utilizing bleach to sanitize an RV contemporary water tank might not be essentially “dangerous” if carried out appropriately and infrequently as a part of an total upkeep technique. Nonetheless, sure points could come up on account of improper or extreme use. Therein lies the issue… improper and extreme use. With so many sources of data, how will you actually know what the right procedures and ratio of water to bleach are? Listed here are the highest 5 causes to keep away from utilizing bleach to sanitize your RV contemporary water tank.

1. Residual odor and style: Overuse or inadequate rinsing can go away a residual chlorine style and odor within the water system, which can make the water disagreeable for consumption or different makes use of.

2. Corrosion: Extended or frequent publicity to bleach can corrode metallic elements of the system over time. It is because bleach is a powerful oxidizer and might trigger rust on chrome steel and different metallic elements.

3. Harm to seals and gaskets: The chlorine in bleach can degrade rubber or plastic elements in your RV’s water system, equivalent to seals and gaskets. This could probably result in leaks and system failures.

4. Well being hazards: In excessive concentrations, bleach might be dangerous if ingested. Though diluting it vastly reduces this danger, it’s nonetheless a priority to think about.

5. Environmental impression: Improper disposal of bleach-water can hurt the atmosphere. Bleach is poisonous to many types of wildlife, particularly aquatic life.

Bleach is simply not definitely worth the problem

The advantages of understanding as a substitute of guessing, in addition to the time financial savings, make TankFRESH Water Tank & System Flush definitely worth the extra value over bleach.

TankFRESH cleans and deodorizes your RV contemporary water tanks, water provide strains, and fixtures. Its chlorine-free system is protected for cleansing of freshwater techniques, and it’s a biodegradable, skilled energy system. Better of all, there’s no mixing or guesswork required. Go to and take a look at their line of TankFRESH products.



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