Salomon Hologram Bindings Review | Snowboarding Profiles

Salomon Hologram Bindings Review | Snowboarding Profiles


Bindings angles: +15/-15

Stance Width: 555mm (22”)

Board demoed with: Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker

Baseplate Size: 25.6cm (10.1”) – that’s measured on the highest of the footbed. 24cm (9.5″) on the underside of the baseplate. 

Baseplate Size Absolutely Prolonged (footbed): 27.1cm (10.7″)

Highback Top: 18.5cm (7.3”)

Weight: 980 grams (2lbs, 3oz)*

* for one binding, together with screws and disc. The typical weight of a small pattern dimension of round 80 bindings (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024 fashions) I’ve weighed is 920 grams (2lbs). However most of these had been medium’s and this was a big. So it is lighter than regular for a big, I think about. And on snow they felt regular by way of weight. 


There is a good quantity of twist within the excessive again and a few give if you pull straight again on it. In hand it feels about medium. 

The ankle straps are comparatively stiff, with the toe straps being softer. 

On snow, it feels very medium too. Simply on the stiffer aspect of medium, however not more than 6/10 by my really feel. 


On a carve, the Hologram felt just like my management bindings (Burton Malavita). You might carve comparatively aggressively with them, however they’d a impartial impact on how properly I might make my board carve. They had been slightly too huge for me within the Giant, and I’d have most popular the medium, so they’re maybe higher in a greater match. 

For gradual velocity, fast turns, they had been respectable. Just like my management bindings once more.  

Board Really feel/Butterability

They offered higher board really feel than I used to be anticipating. Not dangerous in any respect. No mini-disc or something, however I think it is the versatile heel loop that helps right here. 

Pop/Ollie Energy

I felt they gave rather less pop vs my management bindings. However once more, with a greater match, I feel they might have been higher. 


Heel Cup: No

Stance Width: Sure can run disc horizontally and full dimension disc. Good quantity of stance width micro adjustability.  

Highback Lean: No – which is rare not to have the ability to modify the excessive again lean. 

Ankle Strap Place: No

Toe Strap Place: No

Ankle and toe strap size: Instrument-less.

Fuel pedal/toe ramp extension: Sure

Highback Rotation: No

Suitable with: 2×4 | 4×4 | Channel

Not a whole lot of changes you can also make to those bindings, with essentially the most shocking one being the dearth of excessive again lean adjustment. This may be one thing to do with the versatile heel loop?

Shock Absorption

First rate padding throughout the footbed. The padding in toe and thru the mid-foot is tougher feeling after which softer/extra cush underneath the heels. 

On snow they absorbed shock from landings and basic chatter rather well. 


Regardless of being slightly huge for my boots, I discovered them nonetheless fairly comfy. 

Ankle Strap: Good ankle strap. And comformed properly. 

Toe Strap: Ditto ankle strap. Due to sizing could not fairly get them as tight as I’d have wished. Tight sufficient to carry on, however I could not tighten any extra and would have preferred to – however that was a sizing situation. And nonetheless comfy. 

Canted Footbed: Sure

Padded Footbed: First rate padding (see shock absorption above)

Highback: Little bit of padding on prime and down the medial aspect of excessive again in type of a form of a “7”. Unable to modify the excessive again lean, so needed to go together with what it is set to. Which might be slightly greater than I’d sometimes go together with – however nonetheless good and comfy and no calf-bite which is the principle factor.

Ankle Help

Ankle assist was good and felt it might have been even higher within the Medium dimension. No method to modify the ankle strap place, so should you most popular it increased up your ankle or decrease, you would not be capable to do it. I used to be pleased with the place it is available in. 


Ratchets launched simply when exiting on the go and total felt good and clean. Have to maneuver ankle strap over highback to get it out of means when inserting foot in or it tries to sneak underneath your foot, however that is simple to do – and commonplace for lots of bindings. 



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